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As a consultant, trainer, speaker, and published writer, Loida offers clients years of expertise in management, business consulting, human resources, development, leadership and training for organizations globally in various industries.


Loida is recognized as an innovative thinker, dynamic speaker and as an agent for positive change. Loida’s collaborative style benefits organizations as she looks closely at their processes, builds best practices, improves efficiencies and develops client relationships.


Prior to founding The Norwil Group, Loida’s previous experience as a senior executive for domestic and international business management companies enables Loida to provide realistic and relevant solutions to your organization’s challenges.


Loida is bilingual, a Board Certified Coach and holds a Master's from Rutgers University, School of Management and B.S. in Political Science from University of South Florida. Loida was an adjunct professor at William Patterson University’s College of Business.

Loida Noriega Wilson

President and Founder

WE make a difference in the organizations we serve and the people within them.


WE help you advance and grow by developing your people.


WE strive for an achievement-oriented culture that enables executives to sleep at night.


Our focus is on your SUCCESS. What’s standing in your way?




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