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“The most important elements of working with The Norwil Group are trust, credibility, business understanding, flexibility, and follow-up. Always available and supportive. Her ability to always build new processes, to be flexible with our business needs, to challenge us to go farther with a process, to look at things from a fresh perspective, and her willingness to always support our business to the highest standards is impressive. Her unlimited business savvy, experience and hands on knowledge is what we have come to count on.”  Senior HR Manager, Global Company


   "I will admit at the first thought of working on "myself," I had reservations and concerns. When people are forced to look inward and realize that there is opportunity and sometimes a need for improvement, it can be a vulnerable and daunting task. You assured me that my success was your success and that we have complete privacy throughout the process.

   The DISC Assessments are so valuable and helped my team understand their strengths and opportunities for improvement. 

   You are truly a great partner and the only one I would ever recommend for this employee development. I have nothing but positive things to say about you and your process!” General Manager, Manufacturing Plant

“Your insightful and thoroughly informative topic of hiring, training and retaining qualified staff was certainly one of the highlights of the program. Your dynamic speaking style and presentation kept the audience enthused. We could not have been more pleased with your outstanding contribution.” Management, Chamber of Commerce

“We at Global Leadership Systems have worked with Loida Wilson for the past 8 years on many corporate initiatives. She has been a strategic advisor and partner with several of our corporate clients helping us to deliver high-level executive solutions and create long-term shareholder value. Loida has a dynamic ability to see the big picture and enroll others in the vision to produce results. Specifically, she has the capacity to relate to individuals at all levels of the corporate structure.” Chief Acceleration Officer

“Loida and her team have saved us thousands of dollars by getting us on the right track. We have started to make planning towards our goals, everyone’s job everyday. The Norwil Group made it so much fun we hardly realized that we were planning strategically!” President

“Loida does the necessary homework to ensure that the specific topics covered have relevance to the audience, something which is frequently lacking in other commercial training adaptations to the Federal workplace.” US Navy Captain

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